[Speex-dev] Fwd: Patch, related to TI DSP C54x C55x C6x builds

Mateus Lima ehpramim at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 20:15:56 PDT 2005

Jim Crichton,

I'm trying to run speex on omap 1610 platform and i saw that you have a 
patch for c55. When i saw your mail about this, i decided to ask you for 
send me those files above:

include\config.h (not automatically generated, sets memory sizes,
enables manual alloc)
include\speex\speex_config_types.h (match Speex types to compiler
types, not generated from types.in
speex_c55_test\speex_c55_test.cmd (C5509A linker command file)
speex_c55_test\speex_c55_test.pjt (Code Composer Studio Project File )
src\boot.asm (to force wait states to 0 for the simulator, otherwise
cycle count is much too high)

src\testenc-54x.c  (derived from testenc.c, manual alloc, byte
packing/unpacking added)
src\user_misc.h (contains the manual memory alloc routines, with debug code )

Could you?

Mateus Lima


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