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Gregor Brunmar bur at
Mon Aug 29 11:14:02 PDT 2005

>(snip snip)
>If I understand correctly, you're doing something like this:
>while (more packets) {
>   initialize new decoder;
>   decode single packet;
>   destroy decoder;
>.. which won't work well, because Speex has partially dependent frames; it
>needs the context of the previous frame to achieve full quality. If you
>search the archives for the discussions iLBC (which has fully
>independent frames), you'll find some of the arguments and explanations.

Ahh, thanks! I didn't think of that. I'll design my C#-wrapper so it will work (hopefully, because I had some trouble with the garbage collector in .NET, collecting too soon).

Is anyone interested in the .NET-wrapper? I don't have a web site at the moment, but I can always put it up on a free site if noone wants to host it.

One more thing, the speex.def needs to be updated on the Win32-port to get the wrapper to work. Not all the functions are exported, so the wrapper is currently built on a "custom" dll and will not work with an official port.


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