[Speex-dev] Ask about arm-asm perfomance

Tomasz Pyra hellfire at ivo.pl
Thu Sep 23 05:51:40 PDT 2004

How big is difference between encoding speeds of libspeex compiled with 
arm-asm, and without it?
My application is written in EVC++, but there is no inline assembler, so 
I have to compile speex without arm-asm.

But I still trying to find a way to use speex with arm-asm under my 
EVC++ application.

I tried to compile speex with arm-asm under gcc (arm-wince-pe), but 
generated static link library (libspeex.a) is incompatible with EVC++ 
Maybe somebody know how to compile speex with arm-asm, and then use is 
(as static or shared) under EVC++?

Maybe somebody know ARM assembler good enough to rewrite __asm parts od 
speex using opcodes inserted by __emit - this is only few instructions 
in fixed_arm.h

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