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Conrad Parker conrad at vergenet.net
Mon Sep 13 23:33:31 PDT 2004

interesting for anyone testing out speex :)


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Subject: [AVT] Open Speech Repository

We've started to build a database of speech samples in multiple languages
using (roughly) phonetically balanced source material.  The site currently
contains around 70 audio files in English (American and British), French,
Mandarin and Hindi, and we are in the process of adding the source text for
each language to the site (text editors allowing!!!).  For English we've
used Harvard Sentences, France Telecom provided some French test sentences
and we've constructed some new Hindi and Chinese sentences.

The goal of the site (www.voiptroubleshooter.com/open_speech/) is to provide
freely usable, non-copyrighted material that can be used for VoIP testing
and research, published on web sites etc., as much of the previously
available speech material has some restriction on use. We would welcome
comments, offers to provide new material etc.


Alan Clark

Audio/Video Transport Working Group
avt at ietf.org

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