[Speex-dev] production code

Heiner, Jon jheiner
Thu Jul 29 14:07:17 PDT 2004

hi. i joined the list a week ago. i'm using speexlib as the codec for
GameSpy's new voice SDK [for voice chat for video games]. everything
works well. kudos. i'd like to make a contribution to the codebase.

i am bothered by the spew of warnings ( about 300 ) from my compiler. i
typically frown on warnings anywhere in my codebase.

COMPILER: Visual C++ .NET 2003 version 7.1.3088
WARNING LEVEL: Level 3 (/W3) with 64-bit compatability warnings
enabled (/Wp64)

the warnings primarily fall into two categories.

1. portability warnings for 64-bit processors. most of these are
generated by the PUSH/ALIGN macros.
2. float/double loss of precision warnings. most can be removed
with explicit casts or appending the 'f' specifier to constants.

i am willing to fix all these warnings, but don't want to make the merge
bothersome. i can probably turn this around in a day, but i want to know
how to submit the fixes to ensure that they are backwards compatible
with other peoples compilers, etc. since new point release just came
out, i figured now would be the right time. let me know the right
process for this.


Jon Heiner
Network Programmer
Full Spectrum Warrior
Pandemic Studios

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