[Speex-dev] Port Speex to SH3 platform

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin
Mon Jul 5 10:49:20 PDT 2004

> I am new to speex and intend to port Speex to an SH3 based Single board
> Application computer running at ~100 MHz. The application scenario is for
> intercom kind of an Application.
> I want to know if the CPU power on the SH3 based SBC running at ~ 100 MHz
> shall be sufficient for running speex(The compression and decompression
> interfaces shall be used simultaneously by the application).

I do not know the processor you're talking about. I think an ARM CPU
running at 100 MHz should be able to do the encoding + decoding in
real-time (though I never tried). I guess you'll have to try (depending
on the processor, a little bit of assembly *may* be required).

> Further, I intend to use the 2kbps rate with the speex. My second question
> is that will that rate be sufficient to achieve a reasonable quality of
> output for an intercom kind of an application.

The 2kbps mode in Speex offers really poor voice quality. It was mainly
designed for use with VBR and for coding background noise, not really to
be used as a CBR mode. The speech is usually intelligible (but not more)
and it usually behaves badly in the presence of noise. If you can afford
a bit more bandwidth, I'd suggest using either the 4 kbps mode or the 6
kbps mode.

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Always funny to see a "confidential" email posted to a mailing list ;)


Jean-Marc Valin
Universit? de Sherbrooke, Qu?bec, Canada
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