[speex-dev] RTP Payload Format for the Speex Codec

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Thu Apr 29 14:49:56 PDT 2004

>   - Which samplerate should be used if you receive something like
>         m=3Daudio 8008 RTP/AVP 97
>         a=3Drtpmap:97 speex/8000
>         a=3Dfmtp:97 sr=3D16000;ebw=3Dultra

First, that's a bad idea in the first place. What whould happen is that 8000 Hz
would be used, but with a mode (ultra-wideband) that is not suitable for
encoding that. The frame size would be 80 ms and the quality would be poor.

>   - There is an inconsistency in the description of the 'penh'parameter.
>     According to the description, only the values '0' or '1' are valid.
>     In section 6.1 however, the default values are defined as:
>         ebw=3Dnarrow;mode=3;vbr=off;cng=off;ptime=20;sr=8000;penh=no;
>     I assume that 'yes'/'no' are the valid values of the penh parameter,
>     since these values are used in the other parameters. Is this correct?

Guess we need check that. I'm actually thinking of completely removing the penh

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