[speex-dev] fixed point speex on a texas dsp + real timeacquizition

Guillaume ROGET guillaume.roget at fr.thalesgroup.com
Thu Apr 1 22:35:53 PST 2004

"Do you mean doing that on a DSP, or on a PC (before you do it on DSP)?"

Yes I want do that with a PC in order to test if  I can encode in real time an external audio source and then I want to
implemente SPEEX in a dSP.


Jean-Marc Valin a écrit :

> > I want to know if it is possible to do a real time acquizition and to
> > compresse in real time the audio input signal. By example, I have on my
> > demonstration card an audio linein input. If I send an audio source (PC
> > sound card output) on this input, does speex will be able to compress
> > this signal in real time and to store it in a hard disk integrated to
> > the demonstration card?
> Well, I can't comment on the real-time acquisition and hard-drive
> access, since SPeex has nothing to do with that. For real-time encoding,
> it depends on the speed of your DSP (I don't know that model).
> > TO test that, i would want to send an audio source to my sound card
> > input and  I would want do the acquizition of  my sound card input and
> > compress with SPEEX this audio signal and play in the same time the
> > decoded file SPX in order to measuring performances with an external
> > audio analyser.
> > Is it possible?and how can I do that?
>         Jean-Marc
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> Jean-Marc Valin
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