[speex-dev] speex over radio and homemade hardware

David Siebert dsiebert at eclipsecat.com
Mon Oct 6 10:07:49 PDT 2003

Ian Smith wrote:

> I’ve been given the task to hunt down a codec that out solar car team 
> can use to transmit and receive data over a radio link between a chase 
> car and the solar car its self. As of now I do not know the exact 
> specifications of the internal hardware of the car, what I do know is 
> they are looking at transmitting across a 2400baud connection, the 
> unit in the car is homemade from our labs here. From what I understand 
> it can be programmed quite easily. What I’ve was wondering is will 
> this speex will satisfy my needs, naturally with some modification to 
> fit our hardware? Oh I should also mention that the setup in the chase 
> car will probably be a linux or win32 laptop with the radio 
> connection, already the radio transmits telemetry data such as speed, 
> voltage of batteries and other stuff, I don’t know how they currently 
> have that working but my adviser seemed pretty confident that I could 
> find a solution, and seeing as how I am still in my first semester of 
> college taking cs11(c++) I havnt had much experience dealing with 
> other platforms outside of linux and win32. please tell me what you 
> think, if maybe I could get this to work in a few months.
Can you get cell coverage on the race route? If so why not one of the 
cell based internet connections? You could get a lot more bandwidth to 
paly with. What range do you need? What about 802.11b? Of course just 
plain old CB would work for voice. Sometimes you should just KISS.
As to using speex you will need some pretty good hardware to encode the 
voice stream. What type of hardware are you using in the car? It might 
not have the power to support SPEEX. Frankly if I was building a solar 
racer I would not us a PC for the car computers. I would be using 
something tiny like an ARM, Atmel, PIC, or even one of the new SOCs. 
keep it light, low power and simple. A small FSR would do for voice and 
a simple radio modem for telemtery,
Good luck

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