[speex-dev] seeking a Speex programmer for Windows

Christian Buchner Christian.Buchner1 at epost.de
Thu Oct 30 09:47:01 PST 2003

> I am searching for a programmer whom I can hire to develop a simple Speex audio recording and playback
> program for use in Windows.  If anyone is interested in this project, please contact me at
> extrastuff123 at aol.com for more details.  If you know of anyone who might be capable and available for hire, 
> please let them know of this offer.  Thank you for your help.

Windows Sound Recorder with my ACM wrapper already does constant bitrate at various quality levels.
Once Jean-Marc comes up with a stable 1.1 release branch, this will get updated to include noise
cancellation and all the other latest improvements.

The sound recorder (sndrec32.exe) is shipped with Windows from Win95 or later for sure. Speex has to
be selected as the codec first, which may be a minor inconvenience to the user. ;)

There should be sample programs in some Microsoft SDKs (possibly the platform SDKs) on which
one can base a "speex-only" recorder using the ACM programming interface. For true variable bitrate
recording you would have to use the speex API directly, however.


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