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Carsten Breuer CarstenBreuerSpeex at textwork.de
Thu Nov 27 14:30:09 PST 2003

Hi Jean-Marc,

<p>>>to speex: *now here comes the more important part, can we build a c++
>>component which does what avrelay does? is it practicable to de/encode
>>100 streams with a c/c++ speex de/encoder in realtime?* COMMENTS WELCOME
> At low bit-rate (6-8 kbps) and lowest complexity, it's probably possible
> to encode 100 streams on a 3 GHz machine (and decoding is cheap), but
> that's all you're going to do on that machine. However, I tend to favor
> the approach of sending multiple streams instead of doing a

Hmmm.. i had the simple idea to mix the encoded streams with the method
outstream [idx] = (stream1[idx] + stream2[idx]) / 2;

OK, perhaps this is a realy silly solution, but i dont want to increase
the bps in any way. The point is that we build a V I D E O conferencing
software, so the most bandwith must be free for the video part. Of 
course we can use the highter bitstreams in audio only mode.

I have to make some tests with Ulrich Software to get a idea of that.

Best regards,

<p><p>Carsten Breuer

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