[speex-dev] Release: Speex Python Bindings

David McNab david at rebirthing.co.nz
Tue Mar 4 23:07:16 PST 2003


I have pleasure in submitting Python bindings for Speex (tarball

Basically, it's all done in a single Python C extension module.

This module creates a class called 'speex', which contains methods
called 'encode' and 'decode'.

Unencoded audio data is represented on the Python side as a list of
ints. (I avoided raw python strings which although faster, create
endianness issues).

The encode method returns encoded data as a raw string, and conversely,
the decode method accepts the encoded data as a raw string.

Result is a Python interface that's mindlessly easy to use. Also, thanks
to internal buffering, data can be fed piecemeal into both methods
without concern for frame granularity - data gets returned by each
method as it comes available.

The wrapper is tested on Debian Linux (no reason why it shouldn't work
on Windows - it builds ok with MSVC).

Full doco, python build/install script (setup.py) etc, included.

Any bugs/requests/patches/suggestions, please contact me.


PS - thanks, and compliments on Speex. Open Source, patent free, and a
compression ratio of up to 40:1 are a hard act to follow! :)

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