[speex-dev] A couple of questions

Jim Hunt jim at netwasp.net
Sat Mar 1 04:50:16 PST 2003


I hope this is OK, but I wanted to ask a couple questions about the Speex
codec (I'm not sure where or if there is a developer forum).  I'm
investigating porting the Speex codec to the WinCE/PocketPC/SmartPhone
platform and my questions are:

1. Has this already been done by someone? If so, is it available?
2. The two biggest issues I can tell at the moment are the restrictions the
platform processor (ARM processor) imposes, namely: bad support for both
floating point arithmetic and division.  To that end I will have to convert
the codec to Integer arithmetic and replace all division operations.
Obviously I can go through the Speex source and do this, but in the sample
encoder application (Speexenc) there are references to Vorbis Ogg data
structures/functionality.  My question is, is Vorbis Ogg absolutely
necessary for basic encoding of raw PCM WAV format data?

Many thanks for you time,


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