[speex-dev] Chopping off the wideband?

John Hayes jhayes at thereinc.com
Tue Feb 18 15:38:06 PST 2003

Ok, that sounds great, what I'm doing is a little different, I have a server
for forwarding packets, so I'm going to edit them there. This is interesting
because I have limited CPU time for the receiving client and want to LOD the
sound quality based on the receiver's CPU (and possibly distance) without
decoding and reencoding (slow and probably with significant quality loss).


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> Le mar 18/02/2003 à 17:38, John Hayes a écrit :
> > If I encode something in ultra-wideband, can I decode it in wideband by
> > chopping off bytes in every frame?

> All you have to do is use the --force-wb switch with speexdec. It will
> decode as if the file were wideband, ignoring the ultra-wideband info.
> It would also be possible to write a tool that strips off those bytes
> from the file itself (making it a bit smaller) but such a tool hasn't
> been written yet.

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