[speex-dev] First draft for Speex RTP profile - Please send your comments

Simon Morlat simon.morlat at linphone.org
Mon Oct 28 10:03:20 PST 2002

>         - Reading section 3, I understand that frames cannot be
> fragmented across different RTP packets, which seems quite
> reasonable. I think a explicit statement on this would make the draft
> even more clear.
I agree.
>         - I believe speex frames are little enough to fit in a packet
> smaller than the usual path MTU. However, when RTP packets convey
> multiple frames, one could use a high enough ptime value so that the
> RTP packet size would exceed the path MTU. Normally, RTP payload
> formats should avoid fragmentation or define its own fragmentation
> mechanism (see RFC 2736). I think in this case it would be good to add
> the constraint that the value of ptime should be such that the RTP
> packet size does not exceed the MTU.
I agree.
>         - Section 7 indicates that RFC 1889 is updated by a work in
> progress, but does not indicate that RFC 2327 is also updated by a
> work in progress (draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-new). Also, references number
> 2 and 4 are not referenced in the draft.
I wasn't aware of a new SDP draft. I hope it does not change too much
>         - Regarding the MIME registration section, it lacks published
> specification. I think it should reference the speex documentation as
> well as the draft. Also, no contact person and change controller is
> provided, and the "security considerations" parameter refers to RFC
> 3047.
>         I attach a patch for some typos, I believe. Bye.

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