[speex-dev] question on usage of the libraries

Folkert van Heusden folkert at vanheusden.com
Fri Dec 13 11:21:15 PST 2002


I'm not sure if I should post this question to this list. If not; please
tell me.
Ok, here it comes:
Is the following code correct for compressing audio? The output I get is so
extremely small, but what is more important: if I pass it through zlib, it
gets at least 50% smaller!

        int bitrate = max_bandwidth * 8;
        if (sample_rate > 22050)
                libspeex_enc_state = speex_encoder_init(&speex_wb_mode);
                libspeex_enc_state = speex_encoder_init(&speex_nb_mode);
        speex_encoder_ctl(libspeex_enc_state, SPEEX_SET_SAMPLING_RATE,
        speex_encoder_ctl(libspeex_enc_state, SPEEX_SET_BITRATE, &bitrate);
        speex_encoder_ctl(libspeex_enc_state, SPEEX_GET_FRAME_SIZE,

        while(n_samples_todo > 0)
                int cur_n_bytes_out;
                speex_encode(libspeex_enc_state, &in_float[input_pnt],
                cur_n_bytes_out = speex_bits_nbytes(&libspeex_bits);
                speex_bits_write(&libspeex_bits, &(*data_out)[output_pnt],
                output_pnt     += cur_n_bytes_out;
                input_pnt      += libspeex_frame_size;
                n_samples_todo -= libspeex_frame_size;

Thank you.

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