[paranoia] ide-scsi errors gone CD Drive problem ?

Kim Lux lux at diesel-research.com
Sat Feb 15 20:28:49 PST 2003

As previously reported, I had extensive SCSI-IDE errors while running
cdparanoia ripping CDS.  Furthermore, CDparanioa would often crash and
depending upon the kernel, the process could not be killed. 

Subsequent usage of the CDROM drive found it to be flaky and finally
dead for other processes ie reading regular CDROMs.  I replaced the
CDROM Drive (Creative 24X) a new CDROM drive (Creative "Quad
Speed"...you know how old that is !) and everything works fine.  I can
read data from the drive without problem as well as rip CDs without any
errors.  Previously the cdparanoia output was 

outputting to track04.cdda.wav

 (== PROGRESS == [-+++---++++++++++++++++++---| 070472 00 ] == :^D * ==)

with numerous timeout and error messages, whereas now it is:

<p>outputting to track04.cdda.wav

 (== PROGRESS == [---------------------| 070472 00 ] == :^D * ==)

I'm a happy camper. 

On another note, I just had a Yamaha 4.2.6 CDRwriter quit while
installing RH8.0 from CDs onto a server computer.  Is there something
about Redhat/Linux that is hard on CDROM drives ?  That drive ran on
this computer as well, although never ripping CDs if I remember
correctly.  Suddenly it looks as though I have 2 dead CDROM drives.


Kim Lux <lux at diesel-research.com>
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