[paranoia] Ripping With Multiple Drives

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Tue Sep 21 13:49:50 PDT 1999

> I read on the paranoia web site that there are some possible problems
> running more that one instance of cd paranoia at a time. What do I need to
> know?
The recent 2.2 kernels (I suggest .11 or .12) are capable of doing this.
Paranoia's autosense generally only assumes a single drive, but you don't need
to use it; just give it the appropriate generic SCSI device name via -d and all
will be well.

>if (system("cdparanoia -qQ -d $cddev")) {

If you use 'open2' or 'open3' in perl, you can read the output of cdparanoia as
it streams back and just look for the end of the rip.


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