[paranoia] On-the-fly copies

Erik Olofsson erich at home.se
Tue Aug 17 01:48:21 PDT 1999

Georg Graf wrote:

> what I do:
> cdrdao read-toc --device /dev/sgb tocfile
> cdparanoia 1- -d /dev/scd0 data.wav
> eject /dev/scd0
> read
> cdrdao write --device /dev/sgb  tocfile
> eject /dev/scd0
> this makes 1:1 copies
> of course I use this only for non-commercial CD-s ;-)
> anybody knows a faster way?

You could do something like this:
(Assuming that cdparanoia read from your cdrom and 
 cdrdao writes to your burner as default.)

crdao read-toc --datafile - toc
cdparanoia "1-" - | cdrdao write toc

The only problem is that cdparanoia must be able to
feed cdrdao with a steady bitstream. If the CD is perfect
(no scratches or fingerprints and not made on a monday)
and your cdrom reader is a good one it might work.
If you turn off all error checking and error correction
this might be the ticket to fast copies.

But disabling the good things about cdparanoia is not very
bright however. I would NOT recomend it. Use the good features
of cdparanoia, that's what they were made for.


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