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Andrew Sonzogni andrew at safehear.fr
Thu Mar 24 14:54:51 UTC 2022

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Then it’s not possible to mix those packets before decoding them ?

Because summing after Opus would mean 3-4 decode every 40ms (frame size)
and 3-4 queue of 1280o msg…

Best regards,


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Hi Andrew,

I think you'd have to decode each packet independently, then sum the
results, making sure that packets (from different sources) all have the
same number of samples.


Le 2022-03-24 à 10 h 14, Andrew Sonzogni a écrit :


Yes, I mean mix multiple streams.

Best regards,

Andrew Sonzogni

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Hello !

I have a question. I'm trying to use Opus on an embedded device which

communicate with several other devices with the same software.

I wanted to know if it's possible to merge Opus packets from different

sources and then decode this merged packet through a normal opus_decode.

"merge" means "concatenate"? Or "mix"?

I receive in real time 3 different streams of 40ms opus packets. As it

would be consuming too much CPU if I decode each packets and then sum

them together, I would like to decode them together.

"sum" sounds like "mix", right?

Best regards,

Andrew Sonzogni


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