[opus] How to get started with opus and C++/JavaScript/WebAsm

Juan Gerardo Ruelas Jr jruel006 at ucr.edu
Thu Dec 3 01:28:55 UTC 2020

I am interested in using the opus codec to stream audio files to a mobile

I have a couple of questions about how to get started?

   1. How do I generate opus files programmatically with C++? What inputs
   does it need? Is there a special file format because all the examples I see
   only have .wav files as inputs.
   2. Does opus support chunking? For example, breaking a 24 hour long
   audio into a series of sequential smaller files (say 5 seconds long) to
   stream them down to a user?
   3. Does opus support stitching together opus files? Say, after a user
   receives the 5 second long stream, can I programmatically stitch the files
   together as they come so as to save the entire 24 hour long audio file for
   offline use at a later time?
   4. How do you stream these files programmatically? What is the general
   approach. Can you do it with node.js? C++? Python? What is most efficient?

   p.s. (when I say audio files I generally mean just voice audio like in
   audio books)

Thank you for your help, I am honestly confused as to how to get started.

- Juan Gerardo Ruelas Jr.
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