[opus] Possible bug in Opus 1.3

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Tue Nov 6 14:15:45 UTC 2018

> > My current bet is that the very low frequencies are correctly
> > represented in the Opus file, but your speaker/headphones
> > are not capable to play them properly (which is no wonder).
> I actually doubt it: I have a sound system with a sub-woover, and I can see the subwoover move before I can hear anything; looks kind of funny... 

Yes, I can see my bass speaker moving too. That does not mean
it is representing the low frequencies correctly.

I am not convinced there is a bug in the opus codec
that would mis-represent the very low frequecies.
At any rate (ha, pun!), the point is moot: I don't care
how well a codec compresses a 10 Hz sound, because
I will never hear it anyway.


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