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2017-11-07 11:10 GMT-02:00 encrupted anonymous <sergeinakamoto at gmail.com<mailto:sergeinakamoto at gmail.com>>:
did another test of many.

NeroAAC q=1 @400kbps and
Vorbis q=10 @412kbps shared 2nd place.
OPUS @330 kbps - 3rd place.
LAME MP3 q=0 @320 kbps - 1st place.
---JPEG file attached---

Please disable speech synthezation
in OPUS for 96 kbps and up.
I don't want my music sound like
from a phone speaker!

What are you talking about? I couldn't find any reference to Opus having any kind of speech synthesization. Can you actually tell Opus apart from the original in a ABX test?

"Sergei Nakamoto": you are testing *lossy* codecs wrong. Please search "ABX testing" and test them correctly.

Or what is the problem? Modern
codec at high bitrates should
produce nearly bit-exact sound,
not some "optimized for human
ear" mumbo-jumbo!

Well, I actually prefer modern lossy codecs at high bitrates to make the sound closer to the original, even if at expense of delta wavs.

"Sergei": use FLAC for bit-exact audio compression.

Lucas Clemente Vella
lvella at gmail.com<mailto:lvella at gmail.com>

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