[opus] Problems building on Raspberry Pi

Logan Stromberg loganstromberg at gmail.com
Wed May 24 20:12:03 UTC 2017

Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero use the arm1176jzf-s chip which AFAIK doesn't
support NEON intrinsics. This may be a bug with the configure script
because it appears to be compiling with NEON enabled. Lifeng can you
comment? Is there a way to override the CPU detection in this case?

Samuel, as a workaround you can download and compile an older version of
the library. I think 1.1.2 predated the NEON patch.

> Hello,
> I'm following the directions that 'make check' gave me: to e-mail you log
> files.
> I'm attempting to build opus on a raspberry pi zero w, which I think has
> more or less the original hardware as an original raspberry pi + WiFi.
> I'm running a clean install of the latest version of raspbian lite.  Note
> that lite has no gui, but also has less packages in general, so it might
> missing something important for building opus.
> I tried building opus twice.  Well, it seemed like I succeeded in building
> opus twice, but both times the 'make check' tests failed.
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