[opus] Opus and IceCast ?

Fred van Stappen fiens at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 9 15:36:21 UTC 2017


First of all, wow for that revolutionary project.

I have, with lot of success, translated the c headers and demos into Pascal fpc code.



This Opus codec is working like charm.

For playing,seeking,... Opus files from devices ==> op_open_file + op_read* ==> Perfect, even adding DSP's.

For playing Opus files from URL ==> op_open_callback + op_read* ==> Perfect  even adding DSP's.

Now it is time to attack the server part.

How to do to make a audio-stream-server (like for web-radios or voip) ?

Is it possible to do it with IceCast ?

In a loop a buffer of pcm is encoded into Opus-format:

opus_encode(encoder, @PCMIn, cFRAME_SIZE, cbits, cMAX_PACKET_SIZE);

What are the steps to give that encoded buffer to IceCast ?

Code examples (in C, Pascal or other languages) are highly welcome.
(If no demos exists, in opus_trivial_example.c when the buffer is encoded, how to make a audio-stream-server ?)

PS: I am totally beginner with IceCast.

Many thanks.


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