[opus] MDCT implementation and his overlapped relationship

Diego Alejandro Parra Guzman daparrag at correo.udistrital.edu.co
Tue Apr 11 09:04:01 UTC 2017

Dear all

I'm working on the implementation of the MDCT for the processor
ARM-Cortex-M4 I'm trying  to replicate the behavior of the MDCT for several
overlapped values however I realized that current implementation of the
MDCT is very close to the theory only in case in which we have and overlap
exactly equal to N/2 where N is the size of the input vector as is shown in
the examples  for celt.

could you explain me if the implementation had been thought for different
overlapped values, or instead the implementation uses only the overlap
equal to N/2.

Additional I want to know in case of overlapped values different to N/2
which values had been considered.

Thanks for you support.

Diego Alejandro Parra Guzmán
Estudiante de ingeniería electrónica
Universidad distrital FJC
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