[opus] opus_encode

Vittalprasad vittalprasad.br at gmail.com
Wed May 4 14:18:44 UTC 2016

Hi all,

i am trying convert pcm (16bit pcm) stereo file to mono pcm file using
opus_encode and opus_decode, i am able do this but i have doubt about
TOC byte after opus encode.
below is how encoder and decoder structures are used to do encode and
decode file
opus_encoder_create(8000, 2, OPUS_APPLICATION_AUDIO, &err);
opus_decoder_create(8000, 1, &err);

after opus encode bits looks like this
00 00 00 12 31 69 52 10 08
doubts are
1)i know 12(hexa) is size of encoded frame and 08 is TOC byte, here i
have doubt i am using stereo input and 20ms  frame then TOC should be
0C, and
2)also about the 4 bytes after 12

Thanks & Regards
Vittalprasad B R

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