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Rizwan Ishaq rizwanishaq at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 16:13:43 UTC 2016

I am new to Opus, I want to use Opus and opus-tool for opus website. I just
have Opus payload raw stream from RTP packets.

Suppose, I have one packet, like
Raw packet = RTP Header + opus payload   ( The opus payload has 20 msec,
and 1 channel only)

I removed the RTP header and now i have only
opus payload = Raw packet - RTP Header

The opus payload is now (1 byte TOC)  and rest of N-1 bytes are the actual
payload. Can anybod help me how to use the opus-tools/opusfile to extract
the 960 samples from this opus payload. The sample code would be great
help. I didn't find any help regarding this in the documentation.

Rizwan Ishaq
PH:0034-632 711 767
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