[opus] Opus Raw Pakcets

Rizwan Ishaq rizwanishaq at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:50:44 UTC 2016

I have application, where I am reciving the RTP packets, which has OPUS
>From the RTP packets I got following information:

(12 byes Header) tells about the version, payload time, time stamp, srsc,
etc. The rest of the packet is OPUS payload (raw format), The TOC byte from
OPUS payload tells its 20ms frame, even the time stamp different of 960
means 20 msec frame.

1) does 960 means number of samples in the (20msec frame)? (fs=48KHz)
2) The raw opus packet (i.e OPUS payload), how can I convert it to an
playable format?
3) is there any information OPUS payload has(except TOC(first byte))???
4) I have RAW opus packets now, I want to convert it to representable
files, integer, float any method?? or any help (decoder)??

Rizwan Ishaq
PH:0034-632 711 767
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