[opus] extracting SILK only FIXED POINT code

Logan Stromberg loganstromberg at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 14:37:51 UTC 2016

It sounds like you're trying to implement an Opus-like application but you
have a very constrained environment. If you just want the Silk portion of
the codec, then why not just ignore opus and use the silk codec directly?
The old SDK is still available in some places, like here:
https://code.google.com/archive/p/bkvoice/downloads (Keep in mind that Opus
uses a modified version of Silk that is incompatible with the original)

Also, assuming you are working with very constrained memory/space, you
might want to know that CELT runs faster than SILK and I'd estimate that it
has a smaller footprint as well

> I need to extract SILK only FIXED POINT code. I have a couple of questions
> in this regard.
> 1.       Is it enough to enable compile time flag (FIXED_POINT) in the
> config.h, include silk_fixed library and exclude silk_float in the
> opus_demo project. I am working in the MSVC framework. Anyone has tried
> this before?
> 2.       It seems there is no compile time flag to enable SILK only code,
> the core SILK code is invoked at the run time, correct?  Obviously, there
> is a way to call SILK only code so it can be used get cycles for the SILK
> only mode, however, I want to separate the SILK only code to get the SILK
> only memory foot print. Has this been done before or if there is a
> cleaner/easier way to do this?
> Thanks for your time.
> Sincerely,
> Ashutosh.
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