[opus] Using opus on ATMEL 32-bit RISC microcontroller

Daniele Barzotti daniele.barzotti at eurocomtel.com
Fri Aug 26 15:40:47 UTC 2016

Hi Jean-Marc,

thanks a lot for your reply.

> Well, the first question is whether you want encoding, decoding, or
> both. If there's one you don't need then you can remove that
> (unfortunately, there's no easy way right now).

You're right! I forgot to say that I need only the encoder side (and
only for voice).

My application have to acquire a 16bit 8KHz PCM stream and save a
compressed audio into a flash.

(And here I have another little question...
My flash size is 8Mb only and I have to be able to store in it 8 hours
of voice, do you think opus shrink the stream enoguht?)

> If you know that
> you're always going to be encoding in SILK mode, or always in CELT-only
> mode, then you can remove the encoder part you don't need. 

Ok, I think this is my case (if I'm not wrong) so, which you suggest to use?

> Other than that, there's a --disable-float-api configure flag
> (corresponding to DISABLE_FLOAT_API in the code) that makes it possible
> to shave a few kB off the image by dumping all support for
> floating-point.

Since I'm using FIXED_POINT, I have to pass also --disable-float-api?

> There's also a SMALL_FOOTPRINT macro that you can define
> that will make the code a little smaller.

Thanks I will give a try!


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