[opus] SPEEX and OPUS questions and minor issues

dos386 dos386 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 17:19:12 UTC 2016

Thanks ...

> Those links seem to work here.

2 links "http://rarewares.hydrogenaudio.org" redirect
to "https://hydrogenaud.io" ... no "rarewares" subdomain

"http://git.xiph.org/speex.git" maybe better

"http://git.xiph.org/speexdsp.git" maybe better

"http://speex.org/roadmap" maybe just delete it?

> splitting the resampler into its own lib, however it's not clear
> if it would really be worth it.

well ... so split off SpeexDSP docs at least

>an easy-ish task for a newcomer to tackle

Let me know what obvious needs to be written or proof-read.

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