[opus] Stereo voice not being retained

Honeyager, Kevin S. kevin.honeyager at swri.org
Mon Nov 16 09:37:46 PST 2015


I've been using Opus on an STM32 M4 platform for speech coding in mono mode.  I thought I'd try stereo for grins to see if I can handle the CPU load, and I'm getting a return code of -1 from opus_decode_float (using CBR and 40ms frames).

I decided to try the opusenc and opusdec tools to just see how the command line apps would behave.  I am getting decoded audio, but I am losing the stereo separation.  My test file has speech obtained with a Tascam Recorder, and I spoke directly into each mic individually.  I can clearly hear the stereo separation in the recorded audio. I do not hear any stereo separation once I encode from wav and decode back to wav.     My encoding command line is "opusenc --hard-cbr --bitrate 16.000 --complexity 10 --framesize 20 stereo_voice.wav temp.opus".  My decoding script is: "opusdec  --force-wav temp.opus decode.wav".  Opusenc reports that my encoded file is 2 channels (coupled) and opusdec reports that my file is 2 channels.  Can someone tell me how to retain my stereo separation?  If I can't get stereo separation from the codec, there's no point in me investigating the error return in my ARM application.


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