[opus] Opus's x86 Optimization

Kannaian, Suresh Suresh.Kannaian at inin.com
Wed Mar 25 11:48:10 PDT 2015

Hello guys
I have profiled opus code(cpu sampling) and identified functions that are expensive for our use case (mostly x86 silk mode).
Those functions could be optimized for x86 using intrinsics. Looking at source tree and  there is already optimization work going on ,especially Cisco folks and Jonathan have already contributed for x86. We would like to have some optimization  included in future opus releases but certainly we don't want to duplicate other's effort.
Is there complete list of functions that are going thru optimization process for future releases?
[I did look at https://wiki.xiph.org/OPUS_TODO but couldn't find info related to x86 optimization ]

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