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Hi Kelvin,
You can use something like :opus_encoder_ctl(enc,OPUS_SET_BITRATE(bitrate));opus_encoder_ctl(enc,OPUS_SET_MAX_BANDWIDTH(bandpass));
bandpass is the audio bandpass , eg: OPUS_BANDWIDTH_WIDEBAND .
You will need to calculate the codec bitrate from the available network bitrate (by taking into account the size of the IP+UDP+RTP headers which is 40 bytes ) .
By default the audio bandwidth (bandpass) setting is OPUS_BANDWIDTH_FULLBAND , which will utilize more network bandwidth .

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I am using libopus for my implementation. I wonder if anybody in the list have any experience on how to make libopus dynamically adjust its bitrate?On Mar 3, 2015 10:42 PM, "Benjamin Schwartz" <benjamin.m.schwartz at gmail.com> wrote:

It sounds like your software isn't adjusting the opus bitrate in response to network conditions.  For example, many WebRTC implementations do not adjust the opus bitrate, because it is small in comparison to the video bitrate.  However, opus itself does support continuously varying the bitrate over a wide range.
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Hi guys,
I have been reading a lot about the "adaptiveness" of opus and i quote:
... can still change, e.g. to adapt to changing network conditions. useinbandfec ...

can somebody please enlighten me on this "adaptiveness"?whatever way I do our tests, it sticks to the same sampling rate and the same average bitrate, it would go up, down a bit but that's it.When we get some network issues, bandwidth utilization stays the same.Am I interpreting it incorrectly?
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