[opus] Patch cleaning up Opus x86 intrinsics configury

Viswanath Puttagunta viswanath.puttagunta at linaro.org
Tue Mar 3 14:18:58 PST 2015

Hello Jonathan,

I am unable to apply your patch cleanly on tip.


This patch has some conflicts with my ARM patch that does fft optimizations

One of us probably has to rebase depending on which patch goes into opus first.


On 1 March 2015 at 20:47, Jonathan Lennox <jonathan at vidyo.com> wrote:
> The attached patch cleans up Opus's x86 intrinsics configury.
> It:
> * Makes —enable-intrinsics work with clang and other non-GCC compilers
> * Enables RTCD for the floating-point-mode SSE code in Celt.
> * Disables use of RTCD in cases where the compiler targets an instruction
> set by default.
> * Enables the SSE4.1 Silk optimizations that apply to the common parts of
> Silk when Opus is built in floating-point mode, not just in fixed-point
> mode.
> * Enables the SSE intrinsics (with RTCD when appropriate) in the Win32
> build.
> * Fixes a case where GCC would compile SSE2 code as SSE4.1, causing a crash
> on non-SSE4.1 CPUs.
> * Allows configuration with compilers with non-GCC-flavor flags for enabling
> architecture options.
> * Hopefully makes the configuration and ifdef’s easier to follow and
> understand.
> This does not yet switch —enable-intrinsics to be enabled by default on
> supported architectures, but I think it’d be ready to do so.
> Comments are welcome!
>> Jonathan Lennox
> jonathan at vidyo.com
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