[opus] How to make opus work on a low end device ?

Jean-Marc Valin jmvalin at jmvalin.ca
Tue Dec 29 20:25:08 PST 2015


The specs you're listing are pretty low, but I *think* running Opus
encoding should be achievable at 16 kHz. CELT should require less CPU
for encoding than SILK, but for voice, you will need a higher bitrate
with CELT than with SILK to achieve equivalent quality (e.g. 24-40 kb/s
with CELT instead of 16-24 kb/s with SILK).



On 12/28/2015 12:11 PM, jensenchen wrote:
> hi,   
>     I am porting opus encoder to a low end device with  32K ram, 256K
> flash and 32MHz  arm M3 mcu.
> But  opus seems consume too much.   To make it work , what I can think of
> 1,   Only  fixed point supported
> 2,   Only  mono voice application supported
> 3,   Set complexity to  zero
> 4,   Support only one sample rate,  like  16KHz
> 5,   Silk mode only  or  Celt mode only
> My question is ,  before I start,  Shall  I choose silk mode or celt mode ?
> and  beside I mention above,  what else can I do to reduce the
> complexity (rom, ram, MCU), 
> even compromise the voice quality...
> Thanks, 
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