[opus] How to make opus work on a low end device ?

jensenchen jensenchen at qq.com
Mon Dec 28 09:11:26 PST 2015

    I am porting opus encoder to a low end device with  32K ram, 256K flash and 32MHz  arm M3 mcu.
But  opus seems consume too much.   To make it work , what I can think of
1,   Only  fixed point supported
2,   Only  mono voice application supported
3,   Set complexity to  zero
4,   Support only one sample rate,  like  16KHz
5,   Silk mode only  or  Celt mode only

My question is ,  before I start,  Shall  I choose silk mode or celt mode ?
and  beside I mention above,  what else can I do to reduce the complexity (rom, ram, MCU), 
even compromise the voice quality...


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