[opus] Beginner's questions/suggestions

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Mon Dec 21 04:31:21 PST 2015


I was just trying libopus0-1.1-3.2.x86_64 and opus-tools-0.1.9-3.2.x86_64 on openSUSE Leap, and I was wondering:

opusenc does not display the file name it processes. In Lunux when you use some batch processing, it might be interesting! Example output for
"for f in *.wav;do opusenc --bitrate 160 $f ${f%.wav}.opus; done":
---just on file---
Encoding using libopus 1.1 (audio)
   Input: 44.1kHz 2 channels
  Output: 2 channels (2 coupled)
          20ms packets, 160kbit/sec VBR
 Preskip: 356

Encoding complete                                                                      
       Encoded: 2 minutes and 11.98 seconds
       Runtime: 4 seconds
                (32.99x realtime)
         Wrote: 3042537 bytes, 6599 packets, 134 pages
       Bitrate: 183.292kbit/s (without overhead)
 Instant rates: 1.2kbit/s to 317.2kbit/s
                (3 to 793 bytes per packet)
      Overhead: 0.614% (container+metadata)
For the output, can't "Encoded:" and "Runtime:" be put into one line? Likewise "Bitrate:", "Overhead:" and "Wrote:". ANd the output file name could be given in "Output:", while the input filename could be given in "Input:".

The next thing I'm sursprised it that VBR bitrate 160 is exceeded even for the average most of the time:
Bitrate: 170.496kbit/s (without overhead)
Bitrate: 183.803kbit/s (without overhead)
Bitrate: 169.95kbit/s (without overhead)
Bitrate: 177.964kbit/s (without overhead)
Bitrate: 168.99kbit/s (without overhead)


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