[opus] Testing ARMv8 Ne10 and intrinsics branch

Thomas Daede tdaede at mozilla.com
Thu Apr 2 15:05:22 PDT 2015

Using GCC 4.9.2, decoding the opus test vector set 10 times. All tests
pass. I will do longer tests later with a larger test set, but it looks
good so far.

I am having a lot of trouble with the Ne10 detection. Using the
precompiled Ne10 binaries at

Both NE10 and Ne10 capitalizations seem to be in use. Also, where should
the NE10 headers be installed? In $PREFIX/include or
$PREFIX/include/Ne10/? The configure.ac tests seems to assume the
former, but your precompiled root disagrees.

Opus master (36e0445)
Float: 20.312s
Fast float: 20.542s
Fixed: 17.402s

Opus rfcv1_final_xcorr_fixed_armv8 (eb95379)
Fixed w/ intrinsics, no ne10: 16.384s

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