[opus] Use Opus codec within Windows Runtime

Андрій Чебукін xperiandri at live.ru
Tue Jun 10 01:44:20 PDT 2014

Hi guys,


I have an idea to use Opus in my Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.

Also it would be nice to make it more wide-spread by creating a Windows
Runtime component and NuGet package or Extension SDK.

With Windows Runtime Component it will be possible to use it in Windows
Store and Windows Phone apps regardless of the language the app is written

And with NuGet or Extension SDK it will be extremely simple to include it
into an app.


Could someone help me with it?

Can someone explain me a structure of solution and how can I port it.


To make Opus convenient to use I need to:

*        Set up a Windows Runtime component projects with ARM, x86 and x64
target platforms for Windows and ARM and x86 for Windows Phone.

*        Write a wrapper to integrate codec into Windows Media Platform

*        Create NuGet package or Extension SDK and publish it (the simplest
part :))

Also offloading some parts of the computation to the GPU with C++ AMP
would be useful





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