[opus] High Sampling Rates

Andrew Lentvorski bsder at allcaps.org
Sat Jun 7 01:58:08 PDT 2014

On 6/7/14, 1:55 AM, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> Actually... no! 24-bit can indeed be useful as extra margin and Opus
> can actually represent even more dynamic range than 24-bit PCM. That's
> not the case for 192 kHz. There's no "margin" that 192 kHz buys you
> over 48 kHz. You can do as much linear filtering as you like, the
> stuff above 20 kHz isn't going to help you.

But lots of effects are not linear--simulating a tube guitar amplifier,
for example.

Even something as straightforward as resampling a signal to 44.1KHz is
going to benefit from starting at 192KHz rather than 48KHz.

There may not be more signal information but there will be less noise.


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