[opus] Opus DTX issue report

Pascal Huart (phuart) phuart at cisco.com
Mon Jun 2 12:29:16 PDT 2014


We noticed that opus reconstructed noise is pulsing with a 400ms pattern when dtx is enabled in silk mode. This is independent of the background noise level and is found with speech + non-speech period test files as well as variable level noise-only test files. This issue can be reproduced  with opus v1.1 using this command:
                ./opus_demo voip 16000 1 25000 –dtx input.bin output.bin

We have attached a .wav file with the first channel as the input reference noise signal and the second channel as the opus codec output using the opus_demo application.It does not look like this has been reported already. We would like your feedback.

Gonzalo Mariano and Pascal Huart

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