[opus] opus_quant_all_band_working

karan.tandel karan.tandel at mediamagictechnologies.com
Thu Jul 31 21:59:02 PDT 2014

    I am working on performance tuning of opus library on ARMv5E 
platform. Our marvell soc also have wmmx  simd coprocessor for speed 
optimization. Now, I have profiled quant_all_bands() function and it 
seems its taking almost 51% time of whole frame decoding. I have tried 
to find out the hot spots  parts in this function and it seems 
quant_all_partition() function is taking too much time. Now  I m trying 
to locate the main hotspot parts in this function but as this function 
is very much complex and its recursively called to splitting the bands I 
am unable to detect the hotspot part in this function. So can you guys 
give me some insights on optimizing any part of this function? I have 
tried applying wmmx simd on alg_unquant() function but its not showing 
any speed optimization. I am stuck in this crucial parts. Any help, 
insights on optimizing this function will be such a great help to me. 
Thanks in advance.


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