[opus] Opus installation in BCC/Win32

lUiEz! luiez at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 27 11:08:38 PST 2014


I recently found Opus as a great enhancement to Vorbis (and even deprecates SPEEX).
The compilation with MinGW went smootly but the compilation with BCC (Borland C Compiler) failed to achieve a version.h. This file seems to be the output of win32\genversion.bat which seems to require Git tool.

Because with libvorbis I did managed to compile with BCC, I wonder if opus could be presently, or perhaps in the near future, compilable with other compilers than MicroSoft ones (there is free versions which requires the ultimate Windows OS version and requires megatons of .NET updates and could not be runnable on basic Windows OS versions).

Thanks in advance,

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