[opus] Compiling for TI cl6x

Pedro Becerra pbecerr at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 07:37:42 PST 2014

Hello Marcello,
start with Makefile.unix and modify it for the TI code gen tools.
Or, you can jump right to one I created.   See


On 02/21/2014 05:42 AM, Marcello Caramma (mcaramma) wrote:
> Has anyone succesfully compiled the 1.1 release for ti c6x (CC=cl6x)? I
> am currently struggling even to pass the first steps, due to the fact
> that for compilation and linking, the compiler requires -o <executable>
> at the end of the command, not at the beginning.
> So cl6x -o <executable> file.c will not work. This is what the configure
> script is trying when checking the environment:
>                  […]
> configure:3498: /tools/TI/TI_CGT_C6000_6.0.11/bin/cl6x -o conftest -O2
> conftest.c  >&5
> [conftest.]
> Fatal error: could not open source file "conftest"
> 1 fatal error detected in the compilation of "conftest".
> Compilation terminated.
>                  […]
> Regards,
> Marcello
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