[opus] Help with OpusEnc

Ben ben at benjammin.net
Tue Feb 11 20:27:59 PST 2014

Hi all,

  New to list and Opus Codec.

I've been using it on a beagleboneblack with 'arecord'.

One of the things I've noticed while encoding is that Opus reports a float with an 'x' along with "realtime".

Where can I look up where this calculation is derived?

It got me looking and I've noticed that when I record something from a known source (in testing) like an MP3 file,
I can look at the resulting opus file and realize it doesn't match the original source over a long period of time.
(or even the .WAV, which is how I back tracked to the .WAV and realized that might be a bit off topic for this list)

The new recording is shorter than the original by significant amounts. So in trying to stretch it out (with SoX) to just play with it,
that's when I noticed the number that's presented by 'opusenc' while recording and wondered how it knows that and of what it's representative.

So, I'm going to crack into the docs -- but I thought I'd ask here in case anyone else has seen this phenomenon before.



ben at benjammin.net

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