[opus] Inquiry for an ARM-NEON optimized Opus

Bhavin Turakhia bhavin.t at directi.com
Wed Nov 13 06:28:31 PST 2013

hi folks

apologies for sending a commercial mail.

I am the CEO of http://talk.to - a unified messaging product. We are still
in early stages of launch. We intend to build in voip capabilities in our
product. Our product is intended to work in browsers and on all mobile

We are looking for someone who can provide us an ARM-Neon optimized version
of Opus for use on mobile platforms so that we can use it in our apps with
minimal battery consumption. Additionally we would also need bespoke
consulting for optimizing the parameters Opus provides under various
network and device conditions.

If you have a ready ARM-Neon optimized version or can develop one contact
me at bhavin.t at directi.com

- Bhavin
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