[opus] Encoder state management - 'chunked' Opus?

David Holroyd dave at badgers-in-foil.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 07:11:14 PDT 2013


I'm playing around using Opus in a 'chunked' streaming context, where 
chunks of media are served in separate HTTP responses.

I am trying to hunt down the source of some clicks-and-pops during 
playback, and while it is very likely that these glitches are due to the 
low quality of my code, I wanted to ask if the admonition in the API 
docs[1] that "encoder state *must* *not* be re-initialized for each 
frame" might be flagging anything more than simple inefficiency?

My code does not recreate encoder state per-frame, but it does create 
new state at the start of each 'chunk' (where a chunk is 1 second of 
consecutive Opus frames, right now).  Is this an unsupported use of the 
codec (and therefore a potential source of my issue), or should this 
have little impact on the output other than reduced efficiency?




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