[opus] Compexity vs Quality

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We measure the absolute timing of encode/decode for a OPUS mode, this is then transferred to MIPS using the CPU frequency and MIPS/Hz which comes from corresponding ARM architecture.

We used default for all OPUS settings apart from complexity  settings.

These figures are for the fixed point version, we have tested floating point as well  which had slightly higher figures on same platform.


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We will make same soon (Feb).
I would be happy to understand how you did your perform measurement and which parameters you used.


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The complexity settings in Opus affects the CPU load a lot, below are some preliminary figures (MIPS) we got on Samsung Galaxy S2 1.2 (1.2 GHz ARM7)

8KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/8000 C0        56.51
8KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/8000 C5        106.06
8KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/8000 C10       156.55
16KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/16000 C0       99.19
16KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/16000 C5       196.00
16KHz codec encode/decode - OPUS/16000 C10     293.12

My question is if anybody have "real" testing on how complexity setting impact speech quality?

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